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KCLS Recommends: Children's - Folk and Fairy Tales

Aesop's Fables
Aesop's Fables By Cech, John (Book - 2009 ) J398.2452 CEC Available in some locations

Annotation:A collection of thirty-six of Aesop's fables, including "The Cat and the Mouse," "The Ant and the Grasshopper," and "The Vain Crow." Ages 4 - 7.

Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp
Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp By Pullman, Philip, 1946- (Book - 2005 ) J398.22 PUL Available in some locations

Annotation:Recounts the tale of a poor tailor's son who becomes a wealthy prince with the help of a magic lamp he finds in an enchanted cave. For Ages 9-12

American Tall Tales
American Tall Tales By Osborne, Mary Pope (Book - 1991 ) J398.22 OSB Available in some locations

Annotation:A collection of tall tales about such American folk heroes as Sally Ann Thunder, Ann Whirlwind, Pecos Bill, John Henry, and Paul Bunyan. Ages 8 & older

Anansi and the Moss-covered Rock
Anansi and the Moss-covered Rock By Kimmel, Eric A. (Book - 1988 ) J398.24 KIM Available in some locations

Annotation:Anansi the Spider uses a strange moss-covered rock in the forest to trick all the other animals, until Little Bush Deer decides he needs to learn a lesson. All Ages

A Big Quiet House
A Big Quiet House A Yiddish Folktale From Eastern Europe By Forest, Heather (Book - 1996 ) J398.208992 FOR Available in some locations

Annotation:Unable to stand his overcrowded and noisy home any longer, a man goes to the wise old woman who lives nearby for advice. All Ages

Borreguita and the Coyote
Borreguita and the Coyote A Tale From Ayutla, Mexico By Aardema, Verna (Book - 1991 ) J398.20972 AAR Available in some locations

Annotation:A little lamb uses her clever wiles to keep a coyote from eating her up. Ages 4 - 9.

Chicken Little
Chicken Little By Emberley, Rebecca (Book - 2009 ) J398.2 EMB Available in some locations Holds: 2 on 52 copies

Annotation:A retelling of the classic story of Chicken Licken, who has an acorn fall on his head and runs in a panic to his friends Henny Penny, Lucky Ducky, and Loosey Goosey, to tell them the sky is falling. Ages 3 - 7.

Clever Jack Takes the Cake
Clever Jack Takes the Cake By Fleming, Candace (Book - 2010 ) E FLEMING Available in some locations

Annotation:A poor boy named Jack struggles to deliver a birthday present worthy of the princess. Ages 4 - 8

Coyote A Trickster Tale From the American Southwest By McDermott, Gerald (Book - 1994 )

Annotation:Coyote, who has a nose for trouble, insists that the crows teach him how to fly, but the experience ends in disaster for him. Ages 4 - 8

The Elves and the Shoemaker
The Elves and the Shoemaker By LaMarche, Jim (Book - 2003 ) J398.20943 LAM Available in some locations

Annotation:A poor shoemaker becomes successful with the help of two elves who finish his shoes during the night. All ages

The Empty Pot
The Empty Pot By Demi (Book - 1990 ) J398.20951 DEM Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 51 copies

Annotation:When Ping admits that he is the only child in China unable to grow a flower from the seeds distributed by the Emperor, he is rewarded for his honesty. Ages 4 - 9.

Fat Cat
Fat Cat A Danish Folktale By MacDonald, Margaret Read, 1940- (Book - 2001 ) J398.209489 MAC Available in some locations

Annotation:A greedy cat grows enormous as he eats everything in sight, including his friends and neighbors who call him fat. Ages 4 - 7.

Giant John
Giant John By Lobel, Arnold (Book - 2008 ) E LOBEL Available in some locations

Annotation:Hired to perform odd jobs at the royal castle, Giant John's work pleases everyone until the musical fairies arrive and the friendly giant cannot resist the urge to dance. Ages 3 - 7

The Gingerbread Man
The Gingerbread Man By Aylesworth, Jim (Book - 1998 ) J398.2 AYL Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 14 copies

Annotation:A freshly baked gingerbread man escapes when he is taken out of the oven and eludes a number of pursuers until he meets a clever fox. Ages 3 & older

Glass Slipper, Gold Sandal
Glass Slipper, Gold Sandal A Worldwide Cinderella By Fleischman, Paul (Book - 2007 ) J398.2 FLE Available in some locations

Annotation:The retelling of Cinderella, also known as Ashpet and Cendrillon, and its various alterations based on the nation in which it is told is presented in this celebration of the classic tale. Ages 4 & older

Hansel and Gretel
Hansel and Gretel A Retelling From the Original Tale by the Brothers Grimm By Moses, Will (Book - 2005 ) J398.20943 MOS Available in some locations

Annotation:A retelling of the well-known tale in which two children lost in the woods find their way home despite an encounter with a wicked witch. Ages 4 - 10

How Robin Saved Spring
How Robin Saved Spring By Ouellet, Debbie (Book - 2009 ) E OUELLET Available in some locations

Annotation:When Lady Winter casts a sleeping spell on Sister Spring, Robin and the other forest animals try one by one to sneak past Lady Winter and awaken her sister, so that spring will finally arrive. Ages 5 - 10.

The Korean Cinderella
The Korean Cinderella By Climo, Shirley (Book - 1993 ) J398.2 CLI Available in some locations

Annotation:In this version of Cinderella set in ancient Korea, Pear Blossom, a stepchild, eventually comes to be chosen by the magistrate to be his wife. Ages 4 - 8.

Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood By Hyman, Trina Schart (Book - 1983 ) J398.21 HYM Available in some locations

Annotation:On her way to Grandmother's house, Little Red Riding Hood encounters a wolf with sinister intentions. Ages: 6 - 8

Lousy Rotten Stinkin' Grapes
Lousy Rotten Stinkin' Grapes By Palatini, Margie (Book - 2009 ) J398.2 PAL Available in some locations

Annotation:Retells the fable of a frustrated fox that, after many tries to reach a high bunch of grapes, decides they must be sour anyway. Ages 4 - 8.

Mabela the Clever
Mabela the Clever By MacDonald, Margaret Read, 1940- (Book - 2001 ) J398.209604 MAC Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 47 copies

Annotation:An African folktale about a mouse who pays close attention to her surroundings and avoids being tricked by the cat. Ages 3 - 7.

The Monkey and the Crocodile
The Monkey and the Crocodile A Jataka Tale From India By Galdone, Paul (Book - 199-? ) J398.20954 GAL Available in some locations

Annotation:Twice the clever little monkey foils the attempts of the crocodile to capture him. Ages 3 - 8.

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters
Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters An African Tale By Steptoe, John, 1950-1989 (Book - 1987 ) E STEPTOE Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 26 copies

Annotation:Mufaro's two beautiful daughters, one bad-tempered, one kind and sweet, go before the king, who is choosing a wife. Ages 4 - 9.

The People Could Fly
The People Could Fly The Picture Book By Hamilton, Virginia, 1936-2002 (Book - 2004 ) J398.208996 HAM Available in some locations

Annotation:This re-telling of an African American slave tale recounts the story of a group of slaves who call on ancient African Magic to fly away to freedom. All ages

The Princess and the Packet of Frozen Peas
The Princess and the Packet of Frozen Peas By Wilson, Tony (Book - 2012 ) E WILSON Available in some locations

Annotation:Prince Henrik makes a plan to find a wife who is nothing like his royal brother's wife, who he thinks is too sensitive. Ages 4 - 8.

Rapunzel By Zelinsky, Paul O. (Book - 1997 ) J398.22 ZEL Available in some locations

Annotation:A retelling of the folktale in which a beautiful girl with long golden hair is kept imprisoned in a lonely tower by a sorceress. Ages 5-8

Seven Fathers
Seven Fathers By Ramsden, Ashley (Book - 2011 ) J398.2 RAM Available in some locations

Annotation:A lone traveler, tired, hungry, and cold, finds a house and asks for a room for the night, but the old man to whom he speaks refers him to his father, and that man to his father, until he is finally rewarded for his efforts by the eldest. Ages 6 & up.

Tops & Bottoms
Tops & Bottoms By Stevens, Janet (Book - 1995 ) J398.208996 STE Available in some locations Holds: 4 on 50 copies

Annotation:Hare turns his bad luck around by striking a clever deal with the rich and lazy bear down the road. Ages 4-8

The Twelve Dancing Princesses
The Twelve Dancing Princesses By Hoffman, Mary, 1945- (Book - 2012 ) J398.2 HOF Available in some locations

Annotation:To win a bride and a kingdom, a soldier endeavors to discover why the dancing shoes of the king's twelve daughters are worn to pieces every morning. Ages 5-8

Two of Everything
Two of Everything A Chinese Folktale By Hong, Lily Toy (Book - 1993 ) J398.21 HON Available in some locations

Annotation:A poor old Chinese farmer finds a magic brass pot that doubles or duplicates whatever is placed inside it, but his efforts to make himself wealthy lead to unexpected complications. Ages 4-10

Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears
Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears A West African Tale By Aardema, Verna (Book - 1975 ) J398.2096 AAR Available in some locations Holds: 2 on 36 copies

Annotation:This West African tales reveals the meaning of the mosquito’s buzz. Ages 3 & older.

Yummy Eight Favorite Fairy Tales By Cousins, Lucy (Book - 2009 ) J398.2 COU Available in some locations

Annotation:Food is the connecting theme in this collection of eight traditional tales. Ages 3 and older.

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