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KCLS Recommends: Children's - Scary Tales

Home Sweet Horror
Home Sweet Horror By Preller, James (Book - 2013 ) J PRELLER Available in some locations

Annotation:Liam knows something evil lurks in the new house his family has moved to. Ages 7-10

The Screaming Staircase
The Screaming Staircase By Stroud, Jonathan (Book - 2013 ) J STROUD Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 38 copies

Annotation:In an alternate London where only children and teenagers can perceive the deadly ghosts around them, three young Psychic Detectives take on a dangerous case. Ages 9-12

Barnaby Grimes
Barnaby Grimes Legion of the Dead By Stewart, Paul, 1955- (Book - 2010 ) J STEWART Available in some locations

Annotation:Barnaby Grimes, the tick-tock lad, finds his greatest challenge yet, when the dead begin rising from the graveyards of Dickensian London. Ages 9-12

Beware! R.L. Stine Picks His Favorite Scary Stories (Book - 2002 ) J BEWARE Available in some locations

Annotation:Each story and poem in this diverse collection of scary treats by well-known authors features an introduction by Stine that explains its influence on his writing. Ages 9-12

Bone Dog
Bone Dog By Rohmann, Eric (Book - 2011 ) E ROHMANN Available in some locations

Annotation:Although devastated when his pet dog dies, a young boy goes trick-or-treating and receives a timely visit from an old friend during a scary encounter with graveyard skeletons. Ages 4-8

The Boy of A Thousand Faces
The Boy of A Thousand Faces By Selznick, Brian (Book - 2000 ) J SELZNICK Available in some locations

Annotation:Obsessed with horror films, ten-year-old Alonzo dreams of transforming himself into “The Boy of a Thousand Faces” and gets his wish in an unexpected way. Ages 9-12

The Crossroads
The Crossroads By Grabenstein, Chris (Book - 2008 ) J GRABENSTEIN Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 9 copies

Annotation:When Zack moves to Connecticut with his father and new stepmother, they must deal with the ghosts left behind by a terrible accident. Ages 9-12.

Coraline By Gaiman, Neil (Book - 2004 ) Y GAIMAN Available in some locations Holds: 2 on 40 copies

Annotation:When Coraline goes through a mysterious door in her new house, she finds two creepy people who offer her everything she could ask for, but when she tries to leave them she finds herself in great danger. Ages 9-12

Creepy Carrots!
Creepy Carrots! By Reynolds, Aaron, 1970- (Book - 2012 ) E REYNOLDS Available in some locations Holds: 3 on 59 copies

Annotation:Jasper Rabbit cannot resist eating the fat, crisp Crackenhopper Field carrots, until he begins hearing and seeing creepy carrots wherever he goes. Ages 4-8.

The Dead Boys
The Dead Boys By Buckingham, Royce (Book - 2010 ) J BUCKINGHAM Available in some locations Holds: 4 on 85 copies

Annotation:Teddy and his mother move to a small, remote desert town in eastern Washington, where the tree next door, mutated by nuclear waste, eats children and the friends Teddy makes turn out to be dead. Ages 8 – 12

Deep and Dark and Dangerous
Deep and Dark and Dangerous A Ghost Story By Hahn, Mary Downing (Book - 2007 ) J HAHN Available in some locations Holds: 3 on 40 copies

Annotation:When Ali spends the summer with her aunt and cousin, she stumbles upon a secret that her mother and aunt have been hiding for over thirty years. Ages 9-12

The Dollhouse Murders
The Dollhouse Murders By Wright, Betty Ren (Book - 1983 ) J WRIGHT Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 29 copies

Annotation:Mysterious movements of the dolls in their dollhouse lead Amy and her sister to unravel the mystery surrounding grisly murders that took place years ago. Ages 9-12

Down A Dark Hall
Down A Dark Hall By Duncan, Lois, 1934- (Book - 1974 ) J DUNCAN Available in some locations

Annotation:Uneasy about the atmosphere at her new boarding school, Kit finally learns why she and the other students at the school were selected. Ages 9-12

Ghost Knight
Ghost Knight By Funke, Cornelia Caroline (Book - 2012 ) J FUNKE Available in some locations Holds: 2 on 28 copies

Annotation:Eleven-year-old Jon Whitcroft and new friend Ella summon the ghost of Sir William Longspee, who may be able to protect Jon from a group of ghosts that threatens him harm from the day he arrives at Salisbury Cathedral's boarding school. Ages 8-12.

The Ghost Prison
The Ghost Prison By Delaney, Joseph, 1945- (Book - 2013 ) Y DELANEY Available in some locations

Annotation:Fifteen-year-old Billy guards a castle prison where there are as many ghosts of executed prisoners as live criminals. Ages 10-14

Gustav Gloom and the People Taker
Gustav Gloom and the People Taker By Castro, Adam-Troy (Book - 2012 ) J CASTRO Available in some locations

Annotation:Fernie What, an adventurous young horror fan, moves into the house across the street from the dark mansion of a mysterious boy whose residence is haunted by evil shadows. Ages 9-12.

Haunted Houses
Haunted Houses By San Souci, Robert D. (Book - 2010 ) J SAN SOUCI Available in some locations

Annotation:A collection of ten scary stories about haunted houses, pirate treasure, and ghosts. Ages 9-12

The Hunt for the Seventh
The Hunt for the Seventh By Morton-Shaw, Christine (Book - 2008 ) J MORTON-SHAW Available in some locations

Annotation:When his father starts a new job at Minerva Hall as gardener, Jim discovers an ancient curse that needs to be unraveled before disaster strikes. Ages 9-12

Invasion of the Road Weenies
Invasion of the Road Weenies And Other Warped and Creepy Tales By Lubar, David (Book - 2005 ) J LUBAR Available in some locations

Annotation:This collection includes thirty-five stories featuring such horrors as a monstrous Halloween costume, a midnight visit to a graveyard, and a hearing-impaired genie. Ages 9-12

It's the First Day of School-- Forever!
It's the First Day of School-- Forever! By Stine, R. L. (Book - 2011 ) J STINE Available in some locations

Annotation:Everything goes wrong for Artie on his first day at Ardmore Middle School, from the moment his alarm goes off until the next morning, when everything is repeated exactly the same way, becoming more frightening each day. Ages 8-12.

Kit's Wilderness
Kit's Wilderness By Almond, David, 1951- (Book - 1999 ) J ALMOND Available in some locations

Annotation:Kit finds that his grandfather’s coal-mining town is haunted by ghosts of the past. Ages 9-12

The Nightmarys
The Nightmarys By Poblocki, Dan (Book - 2010 ) J POBLOCKI Available in some locations

Annotation:Seventh-grader Timothy July and his new friend Abigail try to break a curse that is causing them and others to be tormented by nightmares and their greatest fears brought to life. Ages 9-12.

The Paradise Trap
The Paradise Trap By Jinks, Catherine (Book - 2012 ) J JINKS Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 10 copies

Annotation:Marcus is spending a week at the beach with his mother in a tiny old travel trailer, but boredom turns to terror when a new friend discovers a cellar that has magical doors through which people keep disappearing. Ages 9-12.

Scepter of the Ancients
Scepter of the Ancients By Landy, Derek (Book - 2009 ) J LANDY Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 15 copies

Annotation:When twelve-year-old Stephanie inherits her weird uncle's estate, she must join forces with Skulduggery Pleasant, a skeleton mage, to save the world from the Faceless Ones. Ages 10-14.

The Seer of Shadows
The Seer of Shadows By Avi, 1937- (Book - 2008 ) J AVI Available in some locations

Annotation:A young photographer’s apprentice has the uncanny ability to bring forth ghosts from the photos he takes, and one of the ghosts wants vengeance. Ages 9-12

Skeleton Man
Skeleton Man By Bruchac, Joseph, 1942- (Book - 2001 ) J BRUCHAC Available in some locations

Annotation:After her parents disappear and she goes to live with a creepy unfamiliar relative, Molly has terrifying dreams that seem to be a warning. Ages 9-12

The Stone Child
The Stone Child By Poblocki, Dan (Book - 2009 ) J POBLOCKI Available in some locations

Annotation:When three friends discover that the scary adventures in their favorite author's fictional books come true, they must find a way to close the portal that allows evil creatures and witches to enter their hometown. Ages 9-12

The Tailypo
The Tailypo A Ghost Story By Galdone, Joanna (Book - 1977 ) J398.2 GAL Available in some locations

Annotation:A strange varmint haunts the woodsman who lopped off its tail. Ages 6-8

Things That Go Bump in the Night
Things That Go Bump in the Night By Carman, Patrick (Book - 2011 ) J CARMAN Available in some locations

Annotation:10 terrifying tales to be experienced in 3 parts: A frightful online audio introduction,several spooky pages of text, and a creepy video conclusion watched online. Ages 9-12

Wait Till Helen Comes
Wait Till Helen Comes A Ghost Story By Hahn, Mary Downing (Book - 2008 ) J HAHN Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 31 copies

Annotation:Molly and Michael dislike their spooky new stepsister, Heather, but try to save her when she seems ready to follow a ghost child to her doom. Ages 9-12

The Witches
The Witches By Dahl, Roald (Book - 1983 ) J DAHL Available in some locations Holds: 2 on 43 copies

Annotation:A young boy and his Norwegian grandmother battle witches who plan to turn the world’s children into mice. Ages 9-12


Age-appropriate shivers and spine-chilling stories. For ages 4-14.

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