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KCLS Recommends: Children's - Learning to Read

Opposites By Schubert, Ingrid, 1953- (Book - 2013 ) E428.1 SCH Available in some locations Holds: 3 on 16 copies

Annotation:Animals from farm and forest, and water and woodlands, are behaving and reacting in often hilarious ways, with plenty to explore and discuss on each page.

The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse
The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse By Carle, Eric (Book - 2011 ) E CARLE Available in some locations Holds: 4 on 82 copies

Annotation:This vibrant book contains a red crocodile, an orange elephant, a purple fox and a polka-dotted donkey.

Bake, Mice, Bake!
Bake, Mice, Bake! By Seltzer, Eric (Book - 2012 ) E SELTZER Available in some locations

Annotation:Mice bake cakes for many different customers.

Benjamin Bear in Bright Ideas!
Benjamin Bear in Bright Ideas! A Toon Book By Coudray, Philippe (Book - 2013 ) E COUDRAY Available in some locations Holds: 2 on 56 copies

Annotation:Funny adventures in comic format make for fun reading!

The Big Purple Book of Beginner Books
The Big Purple Book of Beginner Books (Book - 2012 ) E BIG Available in some locations Holds: 3 on 58 copies

Annotation:An anthology of six favorite stories written or illustrated by P. D. Eastman and his son, Peter Eastman.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? By Martin, Bill, 1916-2004 (Book - 2010 ) E MARTIN Available in some locations Holds: 4 on 101 copies

Annotation:Now children can read this classic book in a beginning reader layout just for “grown-up” readers.

Car Goes Far
Car Goes Far By Garland, Michael, 1952- (Book - 2013 ) E GARLAND Available in some locations

Annotation:After an adventure, a shiny, clean car is in desperate need of a wash.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom By Martin, Bill, 1916-2004 (Book - 1989 ) E MARTIN Available in some locations Holds: 3 on 183 copies

Annotation:An alphabet chant that tells what happens when the whole alphabet tries to climb a coconut tree.

Fly Guy Presents
Fly Guy Presents Space By Arnold, Tedd (Book - 2013 ) E520 ARN All copies in use Availability details Holds: 4 on 25 copies

Annotation:Wow! Fly Guy and Buzz give us facts about space.

Hello, Day!
Hello, Day! By Lobel, Anita (Book - 2008 ) E LOBEL Available in some locations

Annotation:Various animals greet the sunrise...except for the owl who welcomes the night, in a story with extra-large type, rhythmic language, and simple plot.

Huff & Puff
Huff & Puff By Rueda, Claudia (Book - 2012 ) E RUEDA Available in some locations

Annotation:Readers are asked to huff and puff into a die-cut hole in each page of this variation on Three Little Pigs.

If I Had A Dragon
If I Had A Dragon By Ellery, Tom (Book - 2006 ) E ELLERY Available in some locations Holds: 2 on 35 copies

Annotation:Morton's brother is too little to be any fun -- but if he were a dragon, playtime would be great...wouldn't it?

I Have A Garden
I Have A Garden By Barner, Bob (Book - 2013 ) E BARNER Available in some locations

Annotation:Dog describes the wonderful things in his garden.

Inside, Outside, Upside Down
Inside, Outside, Upside Down By Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005 (Book - 1968 ) E BERENSTAIN Available in some locations Holds: 3 on 224 copies

Annotation:A simple tale, using a limited vocabulary for young readers of how little bear travels to town in a cardboard box.

Mouse House Tales
Mouse House Tales By Pearson, Susan (Book - 2013 ) E PEARSON Available in some locations

Annotation:Mouse's friends help her build a lovely house, but Mouse hears noises in the night. Is it a ghost?

The New Puppy
The New Puppy By Kertell, Lynn Maslen (Book - 2012 ) E KERTELL Available in some locations Holds: 5 on 90 copies

Annotation:Brother and sister think getting a new puppy will be a lot of fun, but they soon discover it's a lot of work, too!

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish By Seuss (Book - 1988 ) E SEUSS Available in some locations Holds: 2 on 176 copies

Annotation:Rhymes in simple words plus imaginative figures designed to encourage children to read

Red Wagon
Red Wagon By Liwska, Renata (Book - 2011 ) E LIWSKA Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 41 copies

Annotation:All Lucy wants to do is play with her brand-new, bright red wagon. But her mother has other plans for her-and the wagon.

See Me Dig
See Me Dig By Meisel, Paul (Book - 2013 ) E MEISEL Available in some locations

Annotation:A group of dogs that loves to dig has a fun-filled day of making mischief, in this easy-to-read story.

A Snowy Day in Bugland
A Snowy Day in Bugland By Carter, David A. (Book - 2012 ) E CARTER Available in some locations

Annotation:Brr! It’s a cold and snowy day in Bugland, and Bitsy Bee can hardly wait to head outside to enjoy the wintry weather.

Soccer Is Fun!
Soccer Is Fun! By Nelson, Robin, 1971- (Book - 2014 ) E796.334 NEL Available in some locations

Annotation:Photos and text are just right for soccer fans who are new at reading.

Tiny Little Fly
Tiny Little Fly By Rosen, Michael, 1946- (Book - 2010 ) E ROSEN Available in some locations

Annotation:With a tramp and a roll and a swat, Great Big Elephant, Great Big Hippo, and Great Big Tiger try to capture Tiny Little Fly as he teases each one in turn.


Includes level one beginning readers and picture books with large font size, repeated text, rhyming, and prediction.

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