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KCLS Recommends: Children's - Divorce

Emily's Blue Period
Emily's Blue Period By Daly, Cathleen Book - 2014 E DALY Available in some locations

Annotation:Emily and her younger brother are upset after their Dad moves out, but eventually Emily's collage makes them both feel better. Ages 5-7

Monday, Wednesday, and Every Other Weekend
Monday, Wednesday, and Every Other Weekend By Stanton, Karen, 1960- Book - 2014 E STANTON Available in some locations

Annotation:Henry and his dog live some days with Mama and other days with Papa, but no matter where they are, it isn't the house where they all used to live together. Ages 4-6

The Smart Kid's Guide to Divorce
The Smart Kid's Guide to Divorce By Petersen, Christine Book - 2014 J306.89 PET Available in some locations

Annotation:Helpful ideas for coping with divorce, along with examples and descriptions of common situations. Ages 7-9

Alien Eraser Reveals the Secrets of Evolution
Alien Eraser Reveals the Secrets of Evolution By Moss, Marissa Book - 2009 J MOSS Available in some locations

Annotation:Max uses his treasured notebook to record his confusion about his divorced parents’ dating lives, his insecurities and fears, and his outlandish ideas and grand inventions. Ages 8-11

Best of the Best
Best of the Best A Baseball Great Novel By Green, Tim, 1963- Book - 2011 J GREEN Available in some locations

Annotation:Determined to play in the Little League World Series, twelve-year-old Josh struggles to concentrate on his game and be the team's leader while also trying to cope with his parents' impending divorce. Ages 9-12

Caillou A New Family By L'Heureux, Christine, 1946- Book - 2010 E L'HEUREUX Available in some locations

Annotation:When Caillou asks his cousins why their mother does not live with their father, he learns about divorce, what it is like to have two homes, and the feelings his cousins experience. Ages 4 and under.

Candyfloss By Wilson, Jacqueline Book - 2007 J WILSON Available in some locations

Annotation:When her mother plans to move to Australia with her new husband and baby, Floss must decide whether her loyalties lie with her mother or her father. Ages 9-12

Dear Mr. Henshaw
Dear Mr. Henshaw By Cleary, Beverly Book - 1983 J CLEARY Available in some locations Holds: 3 on 62 copies

Annotation:In his letters to his favorite author, ten-year-old Leigh reveals his problems in coping with his parents' divorce, being the new boy in school, and finding his own place in the world. Ages 9-12

Dinosaurs Divorce
Dinosaurs Divorce By Brown, Laurene Krasny Book - 1986 E306.89 BRO Available in some locations

Annotation:An introduction to the different aspects of divorce such as its causes and effects, living with a single parent, spending holidays in two separate households, and adjusting to a stepparent. Ages 5 and under

Divorce By Amos, Janine Book - 2010 J306.89 AMO Available in some locations

Annotation:Letters, stories and informational text provide advice for children on how to cope with their parents' divorce. Ages 6-8

Excellent Emma
Excellent Emma By Warner, Sally Book - 2009 J WARNER Available in some locations

Annotation:When the third-graders compete in the first annual winter games, Emma feels that she must win in order to prove to her father, who now lives in England with his new wife, that Emma is good at something. Ages 9-12

Fred Stays With Me!
Fred Stays With Me! By Coffelt, Nancy Book - 2007 E COFFELT Available in some locations

Annotation:A child describes how she lives sometimes with her mother and sometimes with her father, but her dog is her constant companion. Ages 5 and Under

I Live in Two Homes
I Live in Two Homes Adjusting to Divorce and Remarriage By Stewart, Sheila, 1975- Book - 2011 J306.874 STE Available in some locations

Annotation:Nina recounts her feelings about her parents’ divorce and describes what it is like to live in two households. Ages 9- 12

It's Not the End of the World
It's Not the End of the World By Blume, Judy Book - 1986 J BLUME Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 29 copies

Annotation:When her parents divorce, a sixth-grader struggles to understand that sometimes people are unable to live together. Ages 9-12

Julie Tells Her Story
Julie Tells Her Story By McDonald, Megan Book - 2007 J AMERICANGRL Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 40 copies

Annotation:Julie is doing well on her "Story of My Life" project until she has to write about "The Worst Thing that Ever Happened", which happens to be her parents' divorce. Ages 9-12

Lexie By Couloumbis, Audrey Book - 2011 J COULOUMBIS Available in some locations

Annotation:When ten year-old Lexie goes with her father to the beach for a week, she is surprised to find that he has invited his girlfriend and her two sons to join them for the entire week. Ages 8-11

Lost! A Dog Called Bear By Orr, Wendy, 1953- Book - 2011 J ORR Available in some locations Holds: 2 on 24 copies

Annotation:When his parents separate, Logan’s beloved dog Bear runs away as Logan and his mom move to their new home in the city. Ages 7-10

Mia's Baker's Dozen
Mia's Baker's Dozen By Simon, Coco Book - 2012 J CUPCAKE DIARIES V.6 Available in some locations

Annotation:Mia is getting used to her new family now that her mom is remarried and she’s gained a new stepbrother. She does worry about who should attend parent-teacher night and her failing grade in Spanish. Ages 8-12

No Ordinary Family
No Ordinary Family By Krause, Ute Book - 2013 E KRAUSE Available in some locations

Annotation:In this humorous story about blended families, just as the little bandits are getting used to traveling between the homes of their separated parents, they find that a princess and her royal children are now living at their father's house. Ages 5 and under

Oliver at the Window
Oliver at the Window By Shreeve, Elizabeth Book - 2009 E SHREEVE Available in some locations

Annotation:When Oliver's parents move into separate houses, he spends a lot of time looking out of windows with his pet lion as he adjusts to a new preschool and to living in two places. Ages 5 and under

Olivia Bean, Trivia Queen
Olivia Bean, Trivia Queen By Gephart, Donna Book - 2012 J GEPHART Available in some locations

Annotation:After overcoming a number of obstacles, especially in the subject of geography, Olivia is on her way to Hollywood to appear on Jeopardy! and, she hopes, to reunite with her father who left the family two years ago. Ages 9-12

A Smart Girl's Guide to Her Parents' Divorce
A Smart Girl's Guide to Her Parents' Divorce How to Land on your Feet When your World Turns Upside Down By Holyoke, Nancy Book - 2009 J306.89 HOL Available in some locations

Annotation:Offers advice to girls dealing with various aspects of divorce, remarriage, and stepfamilies. Ages 9-12

So Totally Emily Ebers
So Totally Emily Ebers By Yee, Lisa Book - 2007 J YEE Available in some locations

Annotation:In a series of letters to her absent father, twelve-year-old Emily Ebers deals with moving cross-country, her parents' divorce, a new friendship, and her first serious crush. Ages 9-12

Standing on My Own Two Feet
Standing on My Own Two Feet A Child's Affirmation of Love in the Midst of Divorce By Schmitz, Tamara Book - 2008 E SCHMITZ Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 14 copies

Annotation:Addison's parents are divorced and so he lives in one house with his mom and another with his dad, but one thing he knows above all else is that both his parents love him and always will. Ages 5 and under

Strider By Cleary, Beverly Book - 2000 J CLEARY Available in some locations

Annotation:In a series of diary entries, Leigh tells how he comes to terms with his parents' divorce, acquires joint custody of an abandoned dog, and joins the track team at school. Ages 9-12

There for You
There for You By Aubrey, Annette Book - 2007 E AUBREY Available in some locations

Annotation:Rhyming text explores the issue of divorce. Ages 5 and under

Weekends With Dad
Weekends With Dad What to Expect When your Parents Divorce By Higgins, Melissa, 1953- Book - 2012 E306.89 HIG Available in some locations

Annotation:A book to help readers get through the tough times when it feels like their world is turned upside down. Ages 6-8


Designed to encourage understanding and acceptance, these books also offer opportunities for conversations with children. For ages 3-12.

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