Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick your Ass

Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick your Ass

Book - 2013 | 1st ed
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Oct 05, 2019

I appreciated that this book showed the psychological toll bullying can take on a young person and the consequences that can happen when people in positions of authority choose to act, or not act. Parents would benefit by reading as well.

Groszerita May 26, 2019

This book is a great read ~ so many topics ~ familia, bullying, friendships, culture, economy, and so much more. Not only that Meg Medina incorporates spanish throughout the book, because this is the language of Piddy and her familia and friends. I love that.

Meg Medina you are incredibly gifted and I cannot wait to read more of your books.

Apr 11, 2017

I loved this book. I cared for the main character. The author dealt with an issue head on, plus she had other plots (the father, mom's uptightness, the neighbor) that didn't get lost. I ached for the moment when the Yaqui caught up with her. Man! But it was good to see how she transformed into trying to be what she's not, then accepting who she is.

Jan 02, 2016

I hope this book aimed at the high school reader gets a lot attention. When Piddy is forced to move to a new school. A strong student with a blossoming body is the target of a juvenile delinquent. The violence escalates to a physical beating posted online. The reader feels Piddy's lack of power when faced with a vicious bully. Piddy has never had an interest in Yaqui's boyfriend but that means nothing to Yaqui. Set in a low income Latino Long Island neighborhood, the reader discovers how important family, friends and schools are in battling a horrible bully.

Aug 22, 2015

This book was probably a young readers' choice, but any age can learn from the story. Very well written and believable.

Mar 16, 2015

good book dealing with the issue of bullying. Serious in tone with out being to edgy.

Oct 17, 2014

Sometimes someone just wants to kick your ass. It sucks, but what can you do? A lot, as it turns out. A light read on a serious subject.

Jun 25, 2014

This book surprised me in so many ways, it was powerful, uproarious, but most of all it was heart wrenching. I was drawn into the story so early on and I was able to really feel what the main character Piddy felt.

_lizbethg_ Jun 17, 2014

I read this book and is really good to teach people how they need to talk to someone before assuming they did something they didn't do.

BCD2013 Jun 06, 2014

NYPL Staff Pick
Piddy Sanchez attracts the attention of one of the meanest girls in school, and soon the bullying from Yaqui and her gang threaten to derail Piddy's whole life.
- Andrea Lipinski

Apr 19, 2014

Great book. Meg Medina creates a believable world for her 10th grade protagonist, Piedad, aka Piddy. I definitely got sucked into this story, needing to know how Piddy would handle the girl bullying her and the other big questions nagging at her. Plus, it was great to see more Latinas in YA! Can't wait to check out more of Medina's books.

MissGoldenMelanin May 04, 2013

This was an awesome book. This wasn't just another book about bullying where all you read about is shoving and name calling. This felt real. Even the choices her friends made seemed realistic too. I've been this situation before ,but had the privilege of growing up with four older sisters who taught me a thing or two about defending myself--if know what I mean and it did not end well for that "bully." I felt bad for Piedad,and even the choice she had to make in the end was very brave. .... Not gonna lie, I've never heard or seen the name Piedad and did my best pronouncing it; its a very unique. I recommend this book for anyone who's been bullied or is being bullied.

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