Death of A Nation

Death of A Nation

Plantation Politics and the Making of the Democratic Party

Book - 2018 | First edition
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Who is killing America? Is it really Donald Trump and a GOP filled with white supremacists? In a major new work of historical revisionism, Dinesh D'Souza makes the provocative case that Democrats are the ones killing America by turning it into a massive nanny state modeled on the Southern plantation system. This sweeping alternative history of the Democratic Party goes back to its foundations in the antebellum South. The slaveholding elite devised the plantation as a means of organizing labor and political support. It was a mini welfare state, a cradle to grave system that bred dependency and punished any urge to independence. This model impressed northern Democrats, inspiring the political machines that traded government handouts for votes from ethnic immigrant blocs. Today's Democrats have expanded to a multiracial plantation of ghettos for blacks, barrios for Latinos, and reservations for Native Americans. Whites are the only holdouts resisting full dependency, and so they are blamed for the bigotry and racial exploitation that is actually perpetrated by the left. Death of a Nation's bracing alternative vision of American history explains the Democratic Party's dark past, reinterprets the roles of figures like Van Buren, FDR and LBJ, and exposes the hidden truth that racism comes not from Trump or the conservative right but rather from Democrats and progressives on the left.
Publisher: New York : All Points Books, an imprint of St. Martin's Press, [2018]
Edition: First edition
Copyright Date: ©2018
ISBN: 9781250163776 (hardcover)
1250163773 (hardcover)
Branch Call Number: 324.273609 DSO
Characteristics: xvi, 318 pages ; 25 cm


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Aug 18, 2019

Poor Dinesh - I guess he missed the fact that the Dixie Democrats are now todays racist republicans. If he got this wrong - I am assuming the rest of this book is trash as well. Plus he is a criminal - so not sure why anyone would want to read his book.

Aug 01, 2019

This is the best book I've ever read. DD is an excellent researcher and writer and backs up his assertions with solid evidence and quotes. This is a must read for anyone who learned about history in the liberal school system.

Jul 17, 2019

Alt-right propaganda

Jul 16, 2019

"Now, as in the past, leftism, racism and neo-Nazism go hand in hand."
I'm a proud leftist, which is different than a liberal, not that Dinesh cares, and I occasionally enjoy reading books by people (Jonah Goldberg, Jim Goad, Hitler) with whom I have nothing in common politically. I'm told it's called "opposition research." I've known about Indian-born, American-educated Dinesh "D Squared" D'Souza for a while but this is the first "book" I've read of his. Let's start with what Double D is not; he is not a scholar, he is not an intellectual, he is not a historian, he is not a good writer. He is, however, a shameless propagandist, a hardcore patriot, an almost pathological hater of Obama and the Clintons, and, lest we forget, a convicted felon who can't vote in his beloved adopted country. His arguments, such as they are, can be simplified to 1. America is the greatest country on earth. 2. If you criticize America for any of its failures (slavery, the removal of Native Americans from their land, wars, imperialism), you hate America. Love it or leave it. 3. Liberals/Democrats/liberals/leftists (he sees no difference) are the real racists.
"Death of a Nation" (Also a movie!) takes its name from the notoriously racist film "Birth of a Nation" and consists of such carefully considered assessment of historical figures like Wilson ("pedantic bigot"), FDR ("quasi-fascist dissembler"), and LBJ ("vile scumbag"). He does meet with white nationalist Richard Spencer though and doesn't seem to find him all that bad. Also, racism and slavery: not that bad. According to his historically inaccurate and just plain inane take, MLK "encountered. . .little intellectual resistance to his challenge to segregation." To be fair, I guess that bombings, jailing, beatings, murders, fire hoses, and dogs don't qualify as "intellectual resistance."
(Sigh) I'm not sure why I'm even bothering to refute his idiocy. If you agree with him, he's a brave truth teller who challenges the liberal media and coastal elites, if you don't, he's a borderline racist extremist whose grasp of history and facts is dangerously loose. It did make me smile when he compared us libs with Satan and the fallen angels. See you hell, D.D.
"But the white working class has a history too, albeit one that is typically ignored in progressive scholarship." (Has he read Zinn?)

Apr 09, 2019

Does this author live in a world of "alternative facts"? Did he ever even take an American history class??

Apr 05, 2019

No actual historians were consulted in the writing of this book.

Apr 05, 2019

It is one thing to say that some recent democrats have perpetrated criminal and destructive acts and not been punished at all: i.e. Hillary Clinton and Obama ( extensive war crimes among other things) but these are entirely disconnected from the 'welfare state" and other actions which promote well being for all citizens and a democratic nation, as opposed to heavy handed plutocracy and corporate . Indeed they are the actions of republicans or neo-liberal politics.

Apr 03, 2019

How many conspiracy kooks does it take to replace a light bulb with bad ideas?

Mar 17, 2019

Funny thing about D'Souza was the fact that he admitted that he did something wrong, thus he paid the price for it. Why Trump pardoned him is because the Democrats do greater wrongs and never pony up to the criminal things they do, thus the Clinton's, FDR, Johnson and others never pay fines much less go to jail. It was said that Johnson had a hand in the murder of JFK with the help of the military. On the other hand the officers that stopped the autopsy of JFK were never really identified with being military because no one asked for their ID's. Jimmy Carter was really no better than the Clinton's or Johnson and has always been a well known for being anti-Israel and anti-semitic. Let's not forget Obama who showed four fake birth certificates and still got off the hook. Every one of the certificates was a forgery and they were so badly done that anyone should have been able to spot the inconsistencies. When the Kenyan government finally showed Obama's birth certificate the Democrats went into their usual protection mode. No one has ever been charged with criminal electoral fraud and gone to jail for it until D'Souza. Obama made sure his DOJ went after Dinesh. Yet, we have all seen dozens of Youtube videos of Democrat supporters who claimed criminal electoral fraud of voting in several constituencies. If your going to commit a crime of that nature, just how stupid can you be to make a video and boast about it? Only a liberal dimwit would do that. In my view the book isn't all that good. It's much to dry. But that's the kind of writing D'Souza does. Better than reading Hillary's book "What Happened?" Even Bill Clinton was reputed to have thrown the book into the garbage it was so bad. If D'Souza is a criminal, then what the Hell does that make Hillary? Al Capone, maybe? And as I recall Hillary was a disciple of Saul Alinsky and Saul Alinsky was a disciple of Frank Nitti and Al Capone. Better to watch the D'Souza video rather than read the book, I got more out of the video.

Oct 14, 2018

“Felonious Bunk: The Outrageous Pardon of Dinesh D’Souza”
by R.D. Tucker, posted June 2, 2018, at Washington Monthly
“Grifters All the Way Down : Donald Trump’s pardon of Dinesh D’Souza says everything you need to know about the Republican Party and its intellectual underpinnings.”
by Sarah Jones, posted May 31, 2018, at The New Republic
“Why Does Dinesh D'Souza Hate America?”
by Mark Warren, posted August 28, 2012, at Esquire

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