We Are Okay written by Nina LaCour encircles towards relationships and emotions. Marin’s brain is only full of sorrow and incompleteness as she is always feeling lonely and isolated, especially after her grandfather’s sudden death. She left her family and friends unnoticeably and settled into her new life with just a wallet, a cell phone, and a picture of her mother. She needed a break. The novel’s message is that it is best to move on, as someone you love is not how they always turn out to actually be. I feel that in this generation, this topic is very relevant as now’s society is always about putting on a fake personality so someone will like you, at least from what I have encountered in life before. It is important to love yourself since YOU are the only person YOU need. Of course, in this case, it was more than just loving one’s self for Marin. She is queer, and being a member of that community means going through severe times of loneliness and isolation. On top of this, she had to leave everything behind due to the sudden death of her grandfather. She encountered many obstacles starting at such a young age. I am not queer, but the reason I enjoyed this read was that it was short, and managed to convey a very strong saying regarding self-love. It was just such a beautifully impactful piece of literature that has so much meaning behind it. Give it a read! 4 stars
@Bookland of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

I chose this book initially for its beautiful cover art. Although I don't gravitate towards contemporary fiction, this breathtakingly, beautifully written book about love, loss, friendship, and loneliness, grabbed me from the start and would not let go until the end of time. If you enjoy books that are character driven and heartfelt, this is a good book for you. This is a very quiet written YA novel and It builds slowly, giving you only slivers of information to pull you along to give you the bigger picture. Morin's story is one of a person suffering from grief, which is something I know I can personally connect with. Her story is one of isolation, and mournful, but also hopeful. Nina LaCour is such a brilliant writer and this book feels so realistic and raw with emotion. "We Are Okay" is a fantastic read for those who love tougher topics in their YA novels and in this one, the story reveals itself slowly, page by page, just as the character emerges from the grief that envelopes her, the reader learns bit by bit what has brought her to this point. By the end, I couldn't tear myself away. Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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We Are Okay is the story of Marin's old best friend, Mabel, coming to visit her. Honestly, I didn't like the story. I thought it was boring. The pace of the book is very slow. It's mostly character-driven. I tend to prefer books that contain more adventure. But there were a few parts I did enjoy about it. Seeing the story of Mabel's grandpa unfold seemed interesting to me. Other than that, it wasn't that appealing to me. It was quite emotional at times, but I didn't really feel it. Other people might enjoy this story a lot, but I personally didn't. Just not my style. 2.5/5 stars
@endoplasmicreticulum of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

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