The Promised Neverland
The Promised Neverland 1, Grace Field House By Shirai, Kaiu Book - 2017 | Shonen Jump manga edition

Here's a manga whose cover is completely different than its contents. I wasn't expecting it to go as dark as it did, and that surprised and intrigued me. Yes, this concept has been done before (it feels like The Island or King of Thorn), but it was different enough that it kept me reading. I didn't care so much for the characters, which feel like the same in every anime or manga- the happy, cheerful one, the smart, bashful, caring one, and the quiet, emo know-it-all one. I tend to gloss over them after awhile and really focus on the story. I will be continuing to see if and how they get out. Great setup, let's see if it pays off.

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