Perfume The Story of A Murderer By Süskind, Patrick Book - 2001 | 1st Vintage International ed

This book starts off disturbing and ends as such. This book is rather interesting because it is written so beautifully yet the contents are rather disturbing and explore rather subjective themes. One theme that is prominant is the societal concept of beauty and what one considers beautiful and how we strive for such a beauty. Themes that are also explored are obsession- particularly the obsession to create something so perfect that everyone will be obsessed with it, as well as neglect and its affect on ones life. The main character is neglected all of his life and is repeatedly abused yet he has an extreme talent to create perfumes due to his heightened sense of smell. This book goes from disturbing to even more disturbing at the ending. This book is definitely a must read, I personally consider it one of the best books of all time. Everyone should definitely read this book at least once. 5/5 Stars.
@TheCollector of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

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